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Worship Resources

Requesting a Listing for your worship resources on this site

Your Commitment/Costs

a minimal outlay giving broad distribution/a fair return to you!

Our Commitment to YOU

Fulfilling the vision

…equipping the saints to enrich the worship of the churches, enabling new material to be released quickly to a wide audience….in a format that is accessible on demand 24/7.

For fuller details of our terms and conditions of listing see here.

To indicate your interest in this project, please email, stating the nature of the material you are interested in providing.

Outline of terms and conditions of listing

Full terms and conditions of listing will be provided to you in a formal contract prior to sale, including listing classifications, scripture and thematic references etc. Material will be sold at across the board pre-determined retail prices included in your listing contract (collections will be considered on a case by case basis). Accepting a listing contract for your material includes accepting the Terms and Conditions for Heart Notes Web sales (see here.) relating to the users/churches right to make copies in return for paying the fee and supplying their contact details. All material distributed will indicate distribution by Heart Notes Ministries Web Downloads as well as authors copyright details. There may be a minimum web shopping basket of £5 to cover transaction costs. Originators will be asked to indemnify Heart Notes against any potential copyright claims made by third parties, confirm they have taken steps to check the scriptural integrity of their work and agree to allow their material to be promoted/used at Heart Notes workshops/celebrations.


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