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We are One, Manchester

Manchester's Christian March of Witness

Please visit the website to watch a video record of that wonderful day, when regardless of our traditions and denominations, we were truly One in Christ because we
prayed and praised as one, were seen by the world to be one:
our message was simple and direct - WE ARE ONE.

Joining people across the nationalities and traditions - African, American, Anglican, Asian, Baptists, Caribbean, Catholic, Coptic, Chinese, European, Episcopalian, Evangelical, Indian, Methodist, New Churches, Orthodox, Pakistani, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvationist, United Reformed: indeed everybody who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Date: 28th Nov 2009, .
Leaders : Paul Barnsley, Kevin McKenna and others with the Heart Notes Band
Venue: Manchester Cathedrals, Cathedral Street, Manchester, M3 1SX;

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