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Heart Notes offers you the opportunity to easily locate material from a variety of artists. Search by a place in the service where material would be appropriate, scripture index, key, material category, date listed as well as the usual title/author. Purchasing 1 copy allows a church to legally make 10 copies of the material for use within their fellowship (MP3 files are for single downloads) see Terms and conditions. If would like to list material see Heart Notes Publishing.

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TypeTitleAuthorMin No. ParticipantsPriceSamples
I am the Gate
Not many lines for the sheep (what was its name again?) but great demands on its acting ability.
Kathryn Price4£1.50
Jesus calls the fishermen
Andrew wonders if there’s more to life, but Peter likes fish. And bad puns. This drama/puppet script comes with MP3 backing track when downloaded.
Kathryn Price3£4.00
Never fear Superman's here
Unusually not from a gospel story and just to illustrate being helped by someone powerful. When we ask for help, do we expect Superman?
Kathryn Price3£1.50
Separating the Sheep and the Goats
Of two friends, one girl is told by the king that she is destined for eternal punishment. What can she have done that is so terrible? And how can there be any laughs in this scary story?
Kathryn Price5£1.50
The entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
Not that kind of palm! - not that kind of King!
Kathryn Price2£1.50
The hole in the roof
Four friends who smashed a hole in his roof? funny kind of friends. Script comes with full MP3 backing track.
Kathryn Price2£4.00
The Parable of the Sower
Mum struggles to tell her little girl one of Jesus’ stories - no, mum isn’t saying that people are plants!
Kathryn Price3£1.50
The two sons asked to work in the vineyard
In Jesus’ story, which son did what his father wanted? Not the one making up bad poetry…
Kathryn Price5£1.50
The unforgiving servant
Forgiven a debt of a million, what should the servant do? Apart from a little bit of happy singing and dancing, that is..
Kathryn Price5£1.50
Wise and foolish builders
Will Sad be able to claim on his house insurance after his house fell down in the terrible storm?
Kathryn Price3£1.50
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» Forgotten

Anne Bailey

Anne is a self taught musician, with a passion for reaching out to others in musical evangelism. Her accessible ideas have often been arranged by working with Paul Barnsley (Heart Notes Ministries). Anne worships at St. Andrews CofE in Cheadle Hulme.

Paul Barnsley

Paul is a qualified musician (F.T.C.L.) with 35 years teaching/training experience and has recorded/published a wide range of contemporary worship material published via Heart Notes Ministires. He is a worship leader at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church.

Shirley Brocklehurst

Shirley Brocklehurst is a qualified dance teacher with 30+ years experience. Her unique and individual approach makes dance accessible to people of all ages and abilities. She runs workshops across the region and worships at Nantwich Elim Church.

Trevor King

Trevor is a gifted guitarist and worship leader with a wide background (Pentecostal/Methodist). As a freelance musician, he currently works with pre-school children (Cheeky Monkey Music) in Secondary education and in giving individual lessons.

Ray Longden

Ray is an annoited Worship leader and self taught musician, who sings/plays guitar at Carmel Christian Centre in Denton, Manchester where he worships with his wife Wendy. He works with deaf children in Stockport schools and is busy being a Granddad.

Kieran Metcalfe

Kieran, a worship leader at Cheadle Hulme Methodist, works as a freelance graphic design for Christian groups (Ascent Creative) & holds a degree in Christian Ministry. In his spare time if not at computer/guitar he is a keen reader/enthusiastic cook.

Kathryn Price

Kathryn is a Local Preacher at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church, who developed an interest in writing puppet scripts as a means of communicating deep spiritual truths to people of all ages in a light-hearted and contemporary way.

Trevor Rowe

Trevor Rowe, joined Willingham Tabernacle Baptist Church in 2008 (from Radcliffe just north of Manchester) and brings a special blend of experience in schools, puppets, music and encouraging gifts in others.

Caroline Shevelan

Caroline is a singer and guitar player with a passion for praising God in song. She has led worship groups in both formal liturgy and unstructured settings, across denominations as well as singing locally with the band ‘a leap of faith’.

Linda Stalley

Linda is Co-leader of the Maranatha Community (an ecumenical community encouraging healing renewal and revival) and a former GP. She frequently leads retreat weekends and runs a Healing centre (The Ark) in Flixton.

Mike Thornton

Mike (award winning ‘audiomeister’ :MBIS) has credits for BBC Radio music (classical to rock), drama and documentaries, TV audio post production & commercial CD/DVD/podcasts & with his wife Sally leads the interdenominational worship group Wellspring.

Andy Trimble

Andy is a self taught musician who enjoys making music and playing folk music. He is a worship leader at Liverpool Road Methodist in Southport and a part-time nucular inspector (semi-retired) and has a great Irish accent!

Bill Watson

"Bill is a professionally trained musician, with 35+ years teaching experience (23 in Secondary schools) . He enjoys arranging and performing musicals, as well as classical material, and writes hymns for use in worship. He worships at Levenshulme Baptist.

Dennis Wrigley

Dennis is an enigmatic leader and founder of the Maranatha Community, with a strong interest in prayer, healing and social justice. He is well known ecumenically/at Westminster by MP's and has frequently led retreat weekends/spoken at Grapevine.